Dizzy’s Tumblebus Parties Frequently Asked Questions

How many children can be on the Tumblebus at a time?
Our base party package is for up to 12 children. We are happy to accommodate larger groups; however, we charge an additional $5 per child over the limit. Our recommended party sizes based upon age are as follows:

  • 2 to 3 years old – up to 10 children
  • 4 years old – up to 12 children
  • 5 years old – up to 15 children
  • 6 to 7 years old – up to 17 children

To help accommodate all of the children for even larger parties we are happy to break up the kids into two or three groups. Just let us know your preference ahead of time and we’ll make it fun for all.

Can older and/or younger siblings play on the bus too?
Absolutely! If there are older siblings that would like to join in the fun, they are more than welcome to play. They just may be too big for some of our activities, so we just ask them to respect our rules. Younger siblings are also welcome.
Since we provide two instructors we are able to watch out for the little ones that want to join in with the “big kids”.

Are there any special requirements for parking the Tumblebus?
Yes, we need a relatively flat place to park. If at all possible please reserve a place for us so it is easier when we arrive and we can start the party on time. We are a full-size school bus, which means we are 35 feet long so we do need quite a bit of space.

Are there organized activities on the bus or do the parents have to supervise?
One of the best parts of a Dizzy’s Tumblebus birthday party is that we provide two instructors to lead the party through a number of games and tumbling activities. Everything is very well organized and we offer a lot of fun and energetic music to keep the kids moving and entertained the whole time.

Parents are welcome to watch the children from the front of the bus or come in the back if their child is feeling timid about participating. Just be aware that if the bus gets crowded with parents that we may have to modify some of our party routine. We have also found that a lot of parents enjoy going back inside to visit with each other while we entertain the children outside.

Do I have to order party favors at the time of reservation, or can I add them later? Do I have to have an exact count?
You can add goody bags ($5.00 each), and/or t-shirts ($10 each) to your party package at any time. We just request that you notify us at least 24 hours before the party so we have them in stock with us on the Tumblebus. Our goody bags have an assortment of candy and novelty toys. For each of the party extras, you are only charged for what you use so an exact head count is not required.

What is your policy on gratuity for the instructors?
Our instructors work very hard to keep the children entertained so they have a party that they’ll never forget. If you would like to tip the instructors, it is greatly appreciated but not required in any way. The gratuity is split evenly between the instructors.

Is my deposit refundable if I have to cancel?
All deposits are non-refundable. If you need to change the date of your party, we are happy to apply the deposit to the new party date, less a $25 change of date fee.