the kids are having a blast on the bus!! James and Alexa are great…they really know the kids and are so great with them!! James is especially aware of their safety, is so energetic and fun with them…it really makes a difference when you have teacher’s who really love what they are doing! Thank you for providing such a great service…it really makes these kids week!! They always look forward to Wednesdays:) ” 
– Jodi – Owner of Friends Playcare (Bothell) 2/2010

“Thanks again for providing such a GREAT learning experience for children. You and your staff DO make a difference!” 
– Parent of Student 3/2010

“Great Instructors, the children have a great time and are actively participating.  This is the best extra-curricular offered.”
– Teacher – Eastside Childcare Facility

“This is a great extra-curricular, Dizzy is great with the children and they really learn a lot.  It’s a great way to get out energy.”
– Teacher –Eastside Childcare Facility

“The kid’s faces just light up when the big yellow bus shows up.  It’s like an addiction for the kids; they can’t get enough of the Dizzybus.” – Owner/Director – Eastside Childcare Facility

“I use Dizzy’s Tumblebus to get my daughter out of bed in the morning.  When I tell her it’s Dizzy’s Tumblebus day she can’t wait to get to school.  Are you sure you can’t just come to her school every day?” – Parent – Eastside Childcare Facility

“Dizzy’s Tumblebus was the greatest addition we ever could have done to our curriculum.  The children are learning wonderful gross motor skills as well as social skills.  Probably the best part is that they’re having so much fun while they’re learning.  I wish they had a bus like this when I was young.” – Director – Seattle Childcare Center


“We love coming to the Bus Stop. I’ve tried to take my son to other places for drop off care and he would scream and cry any time I tried to leave him. At the Bus Stop the people are so warm and gentle that he loves going there. He gets up asking every morning if he can go see Dizzy.  I just wish they had drop off care everyday.” Mom of 3 in Bellevue

“You need to open up a place like this in Redmond! We’d be here everyday if it was closer to our house. It’s a great place for the kids to get their wiggles out and visit with other moms while your child stays busy.” Mom of 2 – Redmond

“We love coming to the bus stop because it’s just the perfect size for my kids to play. They beg me daily to go to Dizzy’s, so we have made it one of our weekly routines to stop by for open play. Thank you Dizzy for creating this great place for my kids.” Mom of 2 – Kirkland

“There is such a great “family” atmosphere at Dizzy’s Bus Stop. When I drop off my son for Drop & Go he’s always so happy to be there. I tried the drop off program at my health club, but it’s just not the same as this. At the Bus Stop he gets to climb, jump, swing and slide. It’s great for him to get out some of his energy in a safe environment while I get to work out too!” Mom of 2 – Issaquah